The James Bay shore

The James Bay is one of the most remote and beautiful places I've ever visited. Unlike Greenland and other northern regions of Canada, you can drive to the James Bay. In 2005, It took us 3 full days by car to get there from New York City via the rugged "James Bay Road."

The shore was flat and rocky. Huge slabs of granite met with the Bay's cold salty water. Black spruce forests lined the shore. We hiked the rocky shoreline over short, mossy grasses and around tidal pools.

The sun came out in the evening. I remember building a campfire on the windy shore and watching the sunset. The above piece, titled "Longue Pointe" is my memory of the place.

Here I used layered shapes and textures to depict the Bay's rocky shoreline during sunset. As usual, I used a diverse color pallette However you'll notice they're mostly warm colors and earth tones to emphasize the evening light and rugged terrain.

This was a shoreline I could explore for days on end. It was beautiful and untouched by nearly everyone. I want to revisit the James Bay shore again and photograph the scenery and its rocky surfaces to use in for future prints.

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